Working together to help create a

cyber ready region


The United States Department of Labor and the Commonwealth of Virginia both offer to individuals and businesses information related to apprenticeships.



Northern Virginia is home to a number of nationally known premier institutions of higher learning. Certificate, AS, BS and Masters programming in cyber security are available here in the region.



There are more than 5,000 employment opportunities in the greater Washington metropolitan region related to cyber security. 



The Community, Military and Federal Facility Partnership of the Northern Virginia Regional Commission formed an alliance and working group in May of 2017 to address cyber talent shortfalls in the region, and has held several panels and many discussions on how to address this issue.


Stakeholders include colleges and universities in the region, the nine public-school districts, the private sector, Chambers of Commerce, the Northern Virginia Technology Council (NVTC), Veterans organizations, military installations, Federal agencies, and local governments.

In June 2018 the alliance/work group held an all day conference to surface recommendations related to addressing the cyber talent shortfall. The presentations from the conference can be found here.

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